Contact Center Associate


Course Description

Customer service is typically at the heart of every business, especially for businesses who sell

their products and services directly to customers. Even in business-to-business interactions,
customer service is essential. There is just too much competition to ignore it or to fail to serve
customers with excellence. The contact center is a department in a business that manages
customer interactions through multiple channels and technologies. Contact center agents are
tasked with solving customer problems, answering customer questions, and generally meeting
customer needs through effective communication and follow through. This course provides
learners with foundational contact center knowledge and skills so that they can purse their
customer service career.
Estimated Contact Hours
30 hours (6 hours per lesson) including reading, self-reflective assignments, skill development
assignments, and assessment
Course Objectives
• Define high-quality technical customer support.
• Explain the basic role of the contact center in business and excellent customer service.
• Describe the unique needs of different types of customers.
• Explain the role and expectations of the contact center agent.
• Use multiple technologies and communication channels in customer communication.
Effectively handle numerous types of difficult customers and situations.
• Effectively apply problem-solving and critical thinking concepts to customer care.
• Apply sales strategies when the opportunity arises in customer communication.
• Explain basic business concepts needed as foundational knowledge for meeting
customer needs.
• Discuss the current trends and issues related to various aspects of contact center
operation and success
• Complete a self-evaluation for personal traits and communication skills related to
successful contact center communication and customer care.

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  • Dates: Open enrollment
  • Time: 30 Hours
  • Location: Online
  • Course Fee: $999.00 USD
  • Code: 01-PRO-TR-ON