ELA Curriculum Planning 5th - 12th Grade/ NSU

Course Description

Teachers will participate in a guided, collaborative process to review their curriculum and its alignment to the Oklahoma Academic Standards in English Language Arts (OAS-ELA). Teachers will explore school contextual factors to plan standards-based, coherent, and sequenced curriculum guides/units that reflect knowledge of evidence-based teaching practices that promote the learning of all students. Teachers will also reflect on their daily practices (such as bellwork, literacy procedures/ sequence, and independent reading/writing time) in order to most effectively engage students in the day-to-day, recursive nature of English language arts.


Cost: $50 

Dates: This online session is offered "on - demand" via a pre-recorded video with links to resources. (It is a 1-hr condensed, guided version of the 2-day Summer Workshop offering.)

Time: At your convenience.

Location: Online

Instructor: Dr. Lara Searcy (SearcyL@nsuok.edu)