Project Management ACE CREDIT

Project Management (ACE CREDIT®) | Northeastern State University

This online course introduces learners to the basics of project management. Throughout six segments, learners will practice the foundational skills of project management, consider the ethics involved in leading a team, and explore similarities and contrasts between Agile and Waterfall project management methodologies. The self-paced course offers an assortment of interactive exercises, videos, selected readings, case studies, and self-assessments that engage students and provide opportunities to practice project management skills.

Topics covered in the course:

  • Managing Real World Projects
  • Project Management Team Leadership
  • Ethics for Project Managers
  • Emotional Intelligence for Project Managers
  • Effectively Managing Project Stakeholders
  • Integrating Agile into a Waterfall Environment

This course has been evaluated by The American Council on Education's College Credit Recommendation Service (ACE CREDIT®) with a recommendation of 3 credits, lower division, in project management or fundamentals of project management.

A student's grade in the course will be based on their performance on a final, cumulative exam. The final exam is composed of 50 multiple-choice questions. Students will have 2 hours to complete the exam. The exam is proctored. For more information, please see the syllabus.

If students do not earn a passing score of 70% on their first attempt, they will have the opportunity to take the exam 1 additional time (2 total attempts). Students must wait 24 hours between exam retakes. A passing score of 70% of above is required to request college credit for this certificate.

Courses included in this suite

  • Effectively Managing Project Stakeholders
  • Ethics for Project Managers
  • Managing Real World Projects
  • Project Management Final Exam (ACE CREDIT®)
  • Project Management Introduction Course (ACE CREDIT®)
  • Project Management Team Leadership
  • Dates: Open Enrollment
  • Duration: 365 days
  • Time: 37 hours
  • Location: Online
  • Course Fee: $659.00 USD
  • CEUs: 3.4 CEUs 34 PDUs
  • Code:01-PRO-BUCO-ON