Special Education OSAT Review



Special Education OSAT Review


Special Education undergraduate students, graduate students, and current school district teachers will learn the components required for the mild/moderate and severe/profound disabilities OSAT (Oklahoma Subject Area Test). Participants will thoroughly review the test competencies, evidence based strategies and methods, and practice writing a constructed response with extensive feedback from the professor.


Below are some quotes from the participants who took the last review in case you wanted to use them for advertising.

The first time I took the SPED OSAT I felt I was ready for it. I got in there and took the test and failed it. I went to Dr. Bisogno's review and took it the following week. I passed it with no problems. Dr. Bisogno's review approached the material in a way that we would understand how the test would be worded. I truly believe without this review, I would have failed this test again.

Thank you for everything Dr. B! ~NSU Graduate Student

I Passed! I truly appreciate the constructive response tips. I hope you continue to offer this class for candidates for special education. Thank you for offering this course. I will definitely recommend it to my coworkers who need to take the OSAT. My own interest is piqued by pursuing a higher degree in special education now. ~Special Education Teacher

I don't have suggestions for improvement, but I do have an appreciation for you as an instructor. You are personable and knowledgeable. My confidence is magnified because I know that you have practical experience with both instruction and testing. Thank you for giving up time! ~Special Education Teacher


Dates: Open enrollment

Location: The course materials are delivered to you and use video, PDFs and PowerPoints.  You may go through the course at your convenience.

Course Fee: $25.00

Instructors: Dr. Lisa Bisogno


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