OSAT Test Prep - Elementary Math


Participants will examine OSAT elementary mathematics test competences and pair them with carefully selected tasks intended to grow the participant’s knowledge, experience, and understanding in safe environment where questions are always welcome and mistakes are used to create learning opportunities. Participants will work with mathematics content as related to the OSAT exam competencies.

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Below are comments from participants, used with their permission:

Dr. Parrott, I just wanted to let you know that I passed my OSAT and am so grateful to you because I got a 269 on the math portion!  You truly made me feel better about math and I was so excited to learn from you.  Thank you for being such a good teacher.  

Madison Pelfrey   

Thank you so much for all of the examples you gave this morning. I am going to study everything. I feel that you have a great and organized way of explaining so much in a short time. Thank you!      

Geneva White  

I have passed the OGET!! Your OGET Math workshop gave me confidence that my answers were correct, and allowed me to move through the test more quickly. Thank you.  

Geneva White  

This is the best money I’ve spent on any review.   Well worth it!    

I got exactly what I came for.  Thank you for a great workshop.  You are a great instructor.  

You explain things so well.  Thank you.   

I feel like I did better on the OGET because I came to your workshop.   

Thank you so much and all the helpful tricks to understand math.  Thank you so much.  You have always been so helpful to everyone that is in your care.  

 Cherie Battle 

Thank You so much!!

I also want to say that your session was Great. I learned a lot. The time and patience and step-by-step in your session was great. I feel like after your session I will be more confident going in taking the exam.

Your session was worth the money and more. You should charge more because your expertise and knowledge was over and beyond!!!

I really enjoyed it!!!  

David Vann  

I am writing this to say thank you so much for the video material that you made available for the OSAT this semester. The format of the material was very helpful when I took the test. The material you covered was exactly what I needed to study.  I really liked how I could self-pace the material and review the instruction more than once. This helped when practicing some of the mathematical concepts.  I know this is one of the reasons I was able to pass successfully.


Thank you again for always going above and beyond when teaching and mentoring your students. I greatly appreciate it.


Amber Quammen


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Instructor:  Dr. Martha Parrott