Youth Programs and Camps



IDEA (RACE) Youth Programs

  • Broken Arrow IDEA (R.A.C.E.) Summer Youth Academies
  • Tahlequah IDEA (R.A.C.E.) Summer Youth Academies
  • Optional Early Drop Off/ Late Pick UP


    The cost for this is $25.00 per week. The language in the consent form states children should be 20 minutes early for drop off and can be up to 10 minutes late for pick up. Anything outside of those times needs to register for early drop off/late pick up and is charged the fee. The morning times are 7:30-8:30 a.m. and the evening times are 4-5 p.m. When you register for the youth academy, you will also see the option in a separate order to order early/late drop off.

  • All precautions will be taken following CDC guidelines and NSU mama guidelines; many of our teachers are parents and have added additional guidelines for us to follow. Your child's safety is of most importance to us.
    1. Temperatures will be taken 3 times a day (students & staff)
    2. No adults in the building except teachers and staff.
    3. Drop off and pick up car lines.
    4. Masks provided.
    5. Disinfection three times a day.
    6. Students never travel to another building.
    7. Guidelines in place for anyone ill.
    All guidelines in detail will be provided before camp dates. Please be sure to include your email on your waiver so that we may contact you and keep you updated with this information. We are not responsible for any illnesses etc.
    Additionally, join our Facebook group 2020 Summer Youth Academy for all the up to the minute information.
    Barbara Fuller
    Director, RACE
    Executive Director, NSU Summer Youth Academies