ESL Certificate

ESL Certificate

The Certificate in English as a Second Language (ESL) is an institutional certificate granted by Northeastern State University. This certificate is evidence that the holder has successfully completed 15 credit hours in the area of English as a second language.

This certificate is of special interest to students majoring in PK-12 Education, English, or Spanish as well as to teachers who are currently certified to teach in these areas. The required course work for the ESL certificate complements the degree requirements in these particular areas and prepares students to take the state competency exam in ESL.

Students who are pursuing a teaching certificate should visit the Certification Examinations for Oklahoma Educators website for further information regarding dates for the state competency test in ESL.

Having the Oklahoma competency in ESL in addition to your major subject area is a step toward preparing oneself to meet the needs of non-English-speaking students in schools in Oklahoma as well as those with limited English proficiency. As the 21st century brings increasing access to computers and telecommunication systems, a knowledge of English will ensure greater use of these important information sources. If you are a student, teacher, or other professional responding to the needs of various people to understand and use English, the Certificate in ESL at NSU is an opportunity to enhance your skills and enrich your career while meeting the language needs of others.

ESL Requirements

The certificate is a minimum of 15 hours. Graduate credit may be earned for 4000/5000 courses if the student applies and is accepted to the Graduate College. If accepted, students must pay graduate tuition rates for graduate credit enrollments.

I. Core Courses (12 hours)

Number Course Hours
ENGL 3253 Grammar & Usage 3
ENGL 4093 Methods & Second Language Acquisition Theory 3
ENGL 4083 Linguistics 3
ENGL 4183 Practicum in TESOL 3

II. One elective from the following classes (3 hours)

Number Course Hours
CHER 1113 Elementary Cherokee I 3
FREN 1113 Elementary French I 3
JAPN 1113 Elementary Japanese I 3
SPAN 1113 Elementary Spanish I 3

*Upper level foreign language classes also count toward the certificate.

III. Graduate Courses

Number Course Hours
ENGL 5233 Theoretical Linguistics 3
ENGL 5593 Seminar in Second Language Acquisition & Teaching 3
ENGL 5630 Seminar in English 3

*Studies I
*General Requirements

Upon completion of the ESL requirements, students should request the Certificate in ESL from Dr. Justin McBride, Assistant Professor.

For students applying for an Oklahoma teaching certificate, please contact the NSU Teacher Certification Office in room 202 of the Education building in Tahlequah or Lois Buttress, Teacher Certification Coordinator.