Bachelor of Arts in Media Studies

General Education Requirements

A minimum of 49 hours of academic work in general education is required during the freshman and sophomore years. For students transferring with the Associate of Arts degree or Associate of Science degree from a public institution in Oklahoma, all general education requirements will be satisfied with respect to degree requirements. However, some majors may require other specific general education courses as program prerequisites or program requirements. Students should consult advisors and the program's plan of study for further information. Students are required to complete general education requirements by the time they have completed 90 semester hours of college work. See General Education Requirements for Bachelor's Degrees for more information.

For more information about degree requirements, visit the NSU catalog.

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Policies of the College of Liberal Arts

  • ENGLISH PROFICIENCY: English proficiency is a graduation requirement. Components I and II of English proficiency should be met with grades of C or better prior to the completion of 60 credit hours.
  • UPPER DIVISION CREDIT: Total hours must include at least 40 hours of credit in courses number 3000 and above.
  • LIBERAL ARTS & SCIENCES: At least 80 semester credit hours are required in the Liberal Arts and Sciences for BA/BAED/BFA degrees and 55 semester credit hours of Liberal Arts and Sciences for BS/BSED degrees and 40 semester credit hours of Liberal Arts and Sciences for specialty degrees (BGS, BSW). Liberal Arts and Science courses are designated by a # after the course title.

Media Studies Curriculum

Media Studies Core: 33 hours

*Not all calsses are offered each semester.
Meet with your adviser or a Media Studies instructor to plan
your semester accordingly.

Multimedia/Journalism Option (12 hours required of 15 hours offered)

Public Relations / Advertising Option (12 hours required of 18 hours offered)

MS 2103 – Basic Writing for the Media - 3 Credit Hours

Students will learn the fundamental study and practice in the gathering, writing and evaluating news for all media.

MS 2173 – Media Software - 3 Credit Hours

Students will learn the fundamentals of the Adobe Creative Suites programs. This is an introductory course in Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.

MS 2453 – Media Literacy - 3 Credit Hours

An introduction to the media studies field. Students study newspaper, television, public relations, social media, media convergence and advertising fields.

MS 3013 – Digital Photography - 3 Credit Hours

Students will study fundamentals digital photography. Students will learn how the media inform, illustrate and document using photographs.

MS 3233 – Publication/Editing - 3 Credit Hours

Students will study and practice editing copy for all media. Tightening writing and grammatical skills with a strong emphasis grammar and Associated Press style.

Prerequisites: MS 1103 Intro to Media Studies and MS 2103 Basic Writing for the Media

MS 3513 – Media Management Planning - 3 Credit Hours

Provides an introduction and overview to the media industry from a strategic management perspective. Students will learn the strategies for management and planning will be examined throughout areas central to the media sector including, but not limited to budgeting and accounting, contracts, social media and technological advances, the economy and branding.

MS 4113 – Digital Media Production - 3 Credit Hours

In a practical lab setting, students will learn techniques in reporting, editing, layout and design for web-based publication, photography, and/or advertising. Students will complete weekly lab work with the staff of the student media production team.

Prerequisites: M S 3233 Publication/Editing

MS 4333 – Media Law - 3 Credit Hours

Study of legal issues of the mass media; including such legal topics as defamation, privacy, obscenity, privilege, access as they apply to the news, advertising/public relations and entertainment industries.

MS 4533 – Crisis Communication - 3 Credit Hours

Students will learn the study and practice of crises and the way organizations deal with them. Students study ways to implement a crisis plan within an organization. Familiarize students with crisis management; to stimulate the thinking process and to spark discussion via case studies on crisis issues.

MS 4553 – Media Campaigns & Events - 3 Credit Hours

Students will learn the integration of theory, research methods and communication techniques for planning, implementing, and evaluating public relations campaigns, client proposal writing and presentation.

Prerequisites: Junior standing or above

MS 4983 – Media Internship 1 - 3 Credit Hours

Students gain supervised practical experience in a media facility; such as a newspaper, radio or television station, public relations operation, social media experience or advertising agency.

MS 2403 – Intro to Web Design - 3 Credit Hours

Students will learn how to construct and design a web page.

MS 3203 – Digital Darkroom - 3 Credit Hours

Students will study fundamentals digital photography. Students will learn how the media inform, illustrate and document using photographs.

MS 3333 – Multimedia Writing - 3 Credit Hours

The purpose of this course is to apply and expand the reporting and writing skills learned in basic journalism so that students learn to develop stories for traditional media outlets as well as new electronic media, which is evolving daily. Students will learn the importance of electronic media in a global world. They will come to understand how media systems in many countries have developed differently from those in the United States. Students will come to understand that working in a global market means that they must comprehend how media systems around the world are developed and structured. Students will learn to thoroughly answer the journalistic how and why questions when writing about problems, trends and issues.

MS 4233 – Video Production - 3 Credit Hours

Students learn fundamental techniques of videography, editing and production utilizing programs such as Final Cut Pro. Students learn development of story packages.

MS 4683 – Social Media - 3 Credit Hours

MS 3033 – Basic Advertising - 3 Credit Hours

The study of advertising today. Investigate audience definition, research, and planning, to learn about the advertising creative process, to explore the variety of advertising media choices that are available today. Learn the basics of putting the advertising campaign together.

MS 3133 – Basic Public Relations - 3 Credit Hours

Students will learn the study and practice of public relations as a strategic process using ethical judgment and proper action to communicate with various publics.

MS 4063 – Advanced Advertising - 3 Credit Hours

Students will learn the study and practice in selling, creating and producing advertising. The course will also focus on the various types of advertising and administrative duties of advertising professionals. Including digital advertising.

MS 4093 – Copywriting and Layout - 3 Credit Hours

Study and practice of copywriting and layout for advertising, public relations, promotions, marketing, visual communication, and graphic design materials using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe InDesign software programs.

MS 4453 – Public Relations Writing - 3 Credit Hours

Students learn fundamentals of public relations writing and how to effectively distribute materials to the media. Students learn the professional use of social media.

MS 4653 – PR and the Media - 3 Credit Hours

Students learn about the relationship between the public relations profession and the journalism profession. Students learn the similarities and differences between each profession and how they work together.

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