Literacy Clearinghouse

Introduction and Acknowledgement

On May 2, 1989, the Oklahoma Literacy Initiatives Commission was created by Senate Bill Number 420, Title 70, Section 8001. In its report to Governor David Walters and the 43rd Legislature, the OLIC recommended the establishment of a Clearinghouse for Literacy at Northeastern State University, Tahlequah, Oklahoma. The Oklahoma Literacy Clearinghouse, funded by the 43rd Legislature, was established in August 1991. In 2000, the Legislature passed House Bill 2117 and the Governor signed the bill into law. The Act mandated the establishment of a clearinghouse for exchange of information and sharing of ideas regarding successful literacy programs and opportunities for funding at the Center for Study of Literacy, Northeastern State University.

The Oklahoma Literacy Clearinghouse, in response to the OLIC's recommendation 4.1, and Oklahoma State Statute, Title 70, Section 8005, has compiled a statewide directory of literacy programs and related services. The Clearinghouse is maintaining an up-to-date computer data base on literacy resources and support agencies. Any resource or support agency not represented in this directory, may be represented by calling the Oklahoma Literacy Clearinghouse's number, 1 (918) 444-3772. Should any changes occur in the information published, the Clearinghouse should be notified. This is your directory, please help us keep current by notifying us of new services or changes in existing programs. The directory is organized alphabetically and cross-referenced county by county.

This directory would not be possible without the joint effort of the public and private sector. The staff of the Oklahoma Literacy Clearinghouse would like to thank the many state agencies and individuals for their contributions to the directory, including the Oklahoma State Department of Libraries for furnishing its preliminary research, the Oklahoma Literacy Coalition for furnishing the Clearinghouse its directories. We would like to thank the Literacy Resource Office at the Oklahoma Department of Libraries for its cooperation in working with the Clearinghouse on the directory and other literacy projects in the state. The State Department of Education, Lifelong Learning Section deserves special recognition for its support in initiating the Work-based Education, Adult Learning Differences, and Family Literacy projects. The State Superintendent's Task Force on Adult Learning Disabilities deserves recognition for its help in identifying the resources listed in the appendix of this directory. A special thanks to the Literacy Volunteers who give of their time to improve literacy in Oklahoma. We hope this directory will aid you in your efforts to promote literacy.