Camp Biomed

What happens when you cross a jellyfish with bacteria? Find out at Camp Biomed, a STEM Summer Academy held on the Broken Arrow Campus from June 20 th to June 24 th , 2022. Participants will learn about Microbiology and Molecular Biology and how these seemingly different sciences can overlap. We will also tour a molecular research lab to learn about the latest science investigations.

The program is designed for up to 24 students who will collaborate in groups to learn and perform cutting edge
Molecular Biology procedures as well classic Microbiology techniques to produce bioluminescent bacterium. Through these techniques, participants will understand the science that drives the experiments, will learn to interpret the outcomes, and troubleshooting procedures if necessary.

Program Faculty:  Dr. Martha Parrott, Professor of Mathematics; Dr. Janaki Iyer, Assistant Professor of Biology; Dr. Dianne Kirk; Assistant Professor in Health Sciences.

Funding from the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education (OSRHE) in cooperation with Northeastern State University has made this workshop possible and free of charge to participants. For more information, contact Dr. Dianne Kirk at 918-449-6411 or email