Online Writing Resources

Click on any of the following links to get additional practice in writing, grammar, reading/vocabulary, and listening skills. Most of these websites have quizzes. Check them out to see if you have a favorite website!

Writing and Grammar Emphasis

Purdue University's Online Writing Lab

This website can help you with styles (MLA, APA, Chicago). You can also use it for grammar and punctuation.

Style Academy

There are video lessons on each topic (like fragments, semicolons, passive vs active voice, sentence balance, participles etc.), and there are downloadable exercises with each video.

The Writing Center at UNC Chapel Hill

This Writing Center has a super resource page. Many students have found it helpful; see if you agree!

Reading and Vocabulary



Choose your reading level and explore the many resources.

My English Pages

Read short passages on various topics and take a small quiz.

Listening and Speaking Emphasis

Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab

Excellent listening practice. This site is organized by three levels: easy, medium, and difficult.


This site is an excellent site to practice listening while learning. You can also practice reading by viewing the interactive script and identifying new vocabulary. Use the easy to use guide to find specific topics, specific language subtitles, duration, and more.

Blended English Language Subjects

ESLAmerica.US (Highly recommended)

An English language website to practice conversation, vocabulary, grammar, reading, and more. It has many resources and links to other helpful sites.

Activities for ESL Students

Play games, take quizzes, read grammar, and practice vocabulary

Dave's ESL Cafe

Learn grammar, pronunciation, slang, phrasal verbs and much more.

5 Minute English

A variety of activities including listening, pronunciation, idioms, grammar, vocabulary, and common errors in English. Navigate with the links on the right of the page.