Writing Center Events


International Tutor Appreciation Week

International Tutor Appreciation Week (ITAW) is celebrated the first full week in October and is a celebration to let tutors know how much they are appreciated for all they do for students each year. Appreciation Week also gives students, faculty, staff, and campus administration the opportunity to thank tutors.

Finals Week Care Packages

Did you know that the Writing Center in Broken Arrow can help with preparation for essay exams, consultation on final papers, and instruction on general study strategies?

Book a session with the Writing Center in Broken Arrow in the week before finals week and receive a Finals Week Care Package! (Supplies are limited.)

International Writing Centers Week

Each February, we honor writing centers across the world during International Writing Centers Week. This week usually falls around Valentine's Day, so we celebrate with two events:

Handmade Valentines

We will help you craft a handmade valentine for your sweetie! Supplies (including stamps) are provided in the Writing Center, BALB 226.

Chocolate in the Center

The Writing Center staff loads up our tables with delicious homemade chocolate treats!