Writing Center Policies

Appointment Policies

Types of Appointments

Students are required to know their responsibilities associated with the type of appointment made. Face-to-face appointments require you to be present in the Writing Center. Real-Time Video Chat requires you to be in the session at the same time as your tutor. Emailed Written Feedback from a Tutor requires you to upload a paper by the starting time of your appointment and to indicate in your appointment form the specific areas you would like the tutor to address.

Session Time Limits

Appointments can be made for 30 or 60 minutes. While some appointments may end early if the student has a quick question, the tutor will ensure that all appointments do not extend past the allotted time. If students have a paper that is quite long (e.g., more than 5-7 pages), they will most likely need more than one session to have their entire paper reviewed.

Applying Feedback

Students are expected to apply feedback between appointments and drafts, regardless of whether they are seeking tutoring for a revised paper or bringing in/uploading a new paper for review. If you have used the Writing Center before, each paper you bring in for tutoring or attach to an online session should reflect the advice you received in your previous session(s). This helps ensure that you are developing your writing skills and taking ownership of the revision process. If you are not applying feedback from one session to the next, we reserve the right to mark your appointment as missed and return the paper without a review or end the tutoring session.


If a student is more than ten minutes late for a face-to-face appointment and has not called, the tutor may then tutor any drop-ins who are waiting. In these cases, the late student might not be able to be seen by a tutor when he/she arrives. The length of the student's appointment is determined by the appointment time, not the time the student shows up. For example, if a student has a 60-minute appointment that starts at 1:00 and arrives for the session at 1:10, the appointment still lasts until 2:00—the 60 minutes do not start when the student gets there. This helps the Writing Center operate on schedule and is especially important if the appointment is the last one of the day or the last one of a tutor's shift. Students are encouraged to arrive early to allow time to print out their papers, pull out a copy of the assignment, gather questions, etc.

Drop-In Appointments

You may make a same-day appointment when you come into the Writing Center by scheduling a time with an available tutor. If a writing tutor isn't meeting with anyone, they'd be more than happy to speak with you. If they are all meeting with writers, one will set up an appointment for you to come back! (NOTE: It is highly recommended that you do not just pop in the day that your paper's due. We cannot guarantee that someone will be available to work with you.)

No-Show Policy

Students who do not show up for a face-to-face appointment or call to cancel are marked as no-show. Online appointments are marked as "no-show" if the student has not joined the session or uploaded a paper within 10 minutes of the starting time of the appointment. Students with three or more consecutive absences (no-show, no call) will have their WCONLINE account disabled and can receive only drop-in assistance until further notice.

Additional Policies

Reviewing Multiple Papers

Students may bring or upload more than one paper to be read in a tutoring session as long as the student has received approval from the tutor or coordinator first and as long as consultation over the papers does not go over the 60-minute time limit for tutoring sessions.

Working on Exams

Students who are working on take-home midterm or final exams must have instructor permission to work on these assignments prior to visiting the Writing Center. When you attend your session, we will assume that you have instructor permission for each class in which you have a take-home exam.

Working in the Writing Center

Please respect the learning environment of the Writing Center.

Use the space quietly and keep personal conversation to a minimum. Noise disrupts Writing Center work.
Silence cell phones.
Do not interrupt a tutoring session to ask questions.

The Writing Center is not responsible for personal property left in the center; if you need to leave for a period of time, take valuable items with you. Do not leave personal property unattended or assume that staff are watching your belongings for you when you are not there.