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Dental Admissions Test (Updated 12/2020)

What is on the Test (Go to Page 6): Dental Admission Test (DAT) 2022 Candidate Guide

Biology Overview Update Impacts students planning to take on or after January 2022: ADA: Updated DAT Biology Test Specifications

Overview of the 4 Sections by the Princeton Review:

Sinking Your Teeth into the DAT

More Detailed Review of the Perceptual Ability Test:

Crush the DAT Exam

Advice from a Dental student: HOW TO STUDY FOR AND “CRUSH” THE DAT

Free Kaplan Practice Test:

Free DAT Practice | Kaplan Test Practice

Free Princeton Review Practice Test:

Free DAT Practice Tests and Events

Registration: Apply to take the Dental Admission Test (DAT)

Fee Waiver:

Can I get a fee waiver?

Reference List of Books used by question authors:


Graduate Records Examination (Updated 12/2020)

What is on the test: GRE General Test Content

GRE Test Structure: GRE® General Test Structure

Prepare for the GRE: Prepare for the GRE® General Test

Register for the GRE: GRE® General Test Registration

Availability for the GRE: GRE General Test Location & Dates

Princeton Review Summary of Test:

About the GRE Test

Princeton Free Study Material: Free GRE Practice Tests and Events

Kaplan Free Practice Test: FREE GRE® PRACTICE

Registration and Test Dates: GRE® General Test Registration

Fee Reduction Program: GRE® Fee Reduction Program


Medical College Admissions Test (Updated 6/2021)

What is on the test: What's on the MCAT Exam?

MCAT Dates and Registration: U.S. MCAT Calendar, Scheduling Deadlines, and Score Release Dates

Fee Assistance: Fee Assistance Program (FAP)

Fee Assistance Webinar: 2021 Fee Assistance Program Webinar

Kaplan Overview of MCAT: WHAT IS THE MCAT®?

How I prepared for the MCAT Series: How I Prepared for the MCAT® Exam

Free MCAT Prep from Khan Academy. With support from AAMC

MCAT | Test Prep | Khan Academy

Free MCAT Practice Test from Kaplan: MCAT® PRACTICE TEST

Free Princeton MCAT Study Materials: MCAT ® 513 Training Module

Free Practice test by AAMC (the MCAT writers): Free Planning & Study Resources (look for the Official Free Sample Test, you will have to create an AAMC Account or use an existing one.)

CARS Podcast (Will have commercials for their paid content): The MCAT CARS Podcast

Review Podcast: 

Spotify: GroSeries: An MCAT Review Podcast

Apple: GroSeries: An MCAT Review Podcast

Uworld Practice Questions (Paid Content, does have trial period): Master the MCAT® & Perform Your Best

Preparing for the MCAT (1 hr Youtube Video by SHPEP): Preparing for the MCAT® Exam

Altius Free Practice (have to give them your email): MCAT-2015 practice exam

Shemmassian Chemistry
Scroll to the bottom of the page to find their content review and practice questions.

MCAT Guide

Free Samples of BluePrint Includes a half length diagnostics Practice Test: FREE MCAT EXAM & OTHER RESOURCES

Optometry Admissions Test (Updated 12/2020)

Brief Overview of OAT: Optometry Admission Test

In depth description of test and policies (scroll to page 6 for list of topics): Optometry Admissions Test (OAT) 2022 Candidate Guide

Overview of test by Princeton: What's on the OAT?

Free Practice test by Kaplan: Free OAT Practice | Kaplan Test

Study Modules by Test Prep Review (scroll to the bottom to Self Assessment Modules): OAT PRACTICE TEST REVIEW

OAT Paid Study (includes video lessons and quizzes): CourseSaver

Chad’s Videos Review/Lessons(Some free content some paid content): Chad's Videos

Fee Reduction Program: OAT Fee Waiver Information

List of Texts used to prepare for test: Test Preparation


Pharmacy College Admission Test (Updated 12/2020)

Overview by the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy: Pharmacy College Admission Test

Overview with multiple links by the makers of the PCAT: Pearson Assessment

Testing Dates: 2022-2023 Important PCAT Dates (PDF)

Testing Fees:  PCAT Fee Schedule (PDF)

PCAT sections overview with sample questions: PCAT Test Blueprint and Sample Items (PDF)

Kaplan Overview of test: WHAT IS THE PCAT®?

Kaplan Free Practice test: PCAT ON DEMAND PRACTICE TEST | Free

Register for the PCAT: Register and Schedule

PCAT Fees: Fees and Special Services