After Enrollment

Reach Higher After Enrollment

Once you enroll in a class at NSU, please note the following:

  • An invoice for tuition will be sent to you from the business office. Class schedules, unofficial transcripts, grades, account transactions, pay your bill, verify/change mailing address and be viewed/printed by visiting goNSU.
  • Textbooks can be purchased through the RiverHawk Shoppe or by calling 918-444-2510.
  • To enroll in an online course at NSU, visit our Semester Schedules and browse the Course Schedule.
  • If you need technical support for user ID's or passwords, locate My NSU drop down menu at the top of any NSU webpage then go to the self-service Password Manager or contact our Client Services center at 918-444-5678.
  • If you will be receiving financial aid this semester, you should contact our Office of Student Financial Services at 918-444-3402 to be certain everything is in place.

Please note that you now have an outstanding account with Northeastern State University.

Additionally, you should note that NSU does not drop or withdraw students from classes for non-payment and/or non-participation. Therefore if you decide not to participate in the class for any reason, please drop your class by logging into goNSU > Student page > Registration Tools.

If you are dropping your LAST or ONLY class, you must come in to the campus or contact Michelle Farris, 918-444-5034, or or contact your advisor at your home institution.

We are pleased to have you as a student at NSU. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact Michelle Farris at 918-444-5034 or

student enrolling for classes