Faculty and Staff

Dr. Wendi MiddletonDr. Wendi Middleton

MPH Program Director, Assistant Professor, PhD, CHES

Dr. Middleton received her Ph.D. in Health Education from Southern Illinois University and her Masters of Science in Biology from the University of Nebraska at Kearney. Before joining the faculty at NSU, she was a faculty member at Southern Illinois University Carbondale where she also served as the Graduate Program Director for the Public Health program. Her areas of research interest include environmental health and epidemiological issues, especially those pertaining to tick-borne diseases; global health; chronic illnesses, such as obesity and asthma; and modifiable behaviors including lack of physical activity and tobacco use/abuse. In addition to conducting research, Dr. Middleton enjoys teaching a variety of courses including Introduction to Public Health, Social and Health Behavior Theories, Applied Research Methods, Essentials for Public Health Leadership, Current Issues in Public Health, Global Health, Epidemiology, and Environmental and Occupational Health. 

Fun Fact: Dr. Middleton’s first job was as an ice cream cake decorator at Dairy Queen.

Tracy FreudenthalerTracy Freudenthaler, M.P.H.

Assistant Professor

Ms. Tracy Freudenthaler earned her MPH Master of Public Health from the University of Oklahoma College of Health Science. Her professional background includes public health service via clinical research. Beyond vaccine development and cancer screenings, she also coordinated resources allowing women to receive health services, pharmaceuticals, and testing, regardless of health insurance status or ability to pay. Ms. Freudenthaler worked for several years in a behavioral/mental health hospital for children and adolescents. Her research interests have been an intersection of women’s reproductive/sexual health with preventative health behaviors. Several specific areas of focus are knowledge of Human Papillomavirus (HPV) and HPV vaccine uptake. She is also quite interested in college student health behaviors and substance use/abuse in this population. Ms. Freudenthaler enjoys teaching Community Health, Health Behavior, Psychology, and Drug and Alcohol Education

Fun Fact: Ms. Freudenthaler has been 'rescuing' hermit crabs for over 10 years.